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Freshman Information

Welcome to the 9th Grade at Granville Central High School!

Freshman Orientation Information 2022-2023

Class of 2026

Message from Dr. Allen

First page of the PDF file: FreshmanOrientationMessage9_10_22

Welcome Granville Central Panthers!! 

We are so happy to welcome you to PANTHER LAND!  We hope you are able to join us, Thursday, August 18, 2022 during 2022-2023 Freshman Orientation!  You will be able to experience a lot of things before the start of school on Monday, August 29, 2022. We are eager and excited to meet our new Panthers as they embark on a new journey into their academic careers.  

Food for thought….

Why is it important to attend the Freshman Orientation? 

  1. Receive your 2022-2023 class schedule.

  • Get the heads up on your new classes before the first day of school.

  1. Receive your new chromebook (upon signed agreement and paid fees).

  • After parent/guardian signs an electronic usage agreement and pays usage $25 usage fees, you will receive your new chromebook before the first day of school.

  1. Students will receive a tour of the school.

  • Become familiar with your new school before upperclassmen join us on the first day, so you can become more familiar with classroom locations, amenities, and locations of all important areas which students will utilize during the school year.

  1. Students will attend Back to School - “Mission IS Possible” student sessions. 

  • Meet new people. See new and old faces. Go over life as a new high schooler. 

What’s next?...

STEP 1:  Complete and Submit the RSVP form here to confirm attendance to Freshman Orientation. 

STEP 2:  Complete laptop agreement.  Go to this link to complete the agreement & pay the usage fee.

STEP 3:  Pay $25 annual usage fee. Go to this link to complete the agreement & pay the usage fee.